A Jigsaw Puzzle That's Not Paradise All The Time!

Malibu Bay Films is proud to collaborate with Messed Up Puzzles for our first ever Hard Ticket To Hawaii Jigsaw Puzzle! Experience 1,000 pieces of BULLETS, BOMBS & BABES! A must-have gift for any puzzle aficionado or Sidaris Film movie buff. Grab yours in our product shop today!

***As of right now, all puzzle orders must be placed separately from other shop items, due to different shipping locations. Thank you***

Enjoy excerpts from the puzzle cover below!

Hard Ticket To Hawaii (1987)

Writer/Director: Andy Sidaris

Producer: Arlene Sidaris

Stars: Ronn Moss, Dona Speir, Hope Marie Carlton, Harold Diamond, Cynthia Brimhall, Rodrigo Obregon

Art by William H. Pryor

"SIDARIS films are about lust, or more correctly, longing. The pneumatic babes are pinups... [they] all have a look-but-don't-touch quality, like the walking, talking, but oh-so-artfully presented Playboy Playmates many of them are.

Beyond the flesh factor, Sidaris films are visual catalogs of desire: fast, lustrous cars; sequined dresses; sparkly jewels; lacy lingerie; jet skis; yachts; all-terrain vehicles; four-seater planes; high-tech weapons; and fabulous houses."

- Maitland McDonagh

Filmmaking on the Fringe

"Working for Andy is... an adventure. Imagine a director barking an order to blow up the bad guy and make sure your cleavage is center frame, all in one sentence!"

- Dona Speir ("Donna Hamilton") on director Andy Sidaris

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