Stinker Madness Episode on Hard Ticket to Hawaii

Updated: Jan 21

Go for a ride with Hard Ticket to Hawaii, directed by Bad Movie Hall of Fame director, Andy Sidaris. Expect guns, boobs, jokes, ridiculous action sequences, 'splosions, more boobs, tough guys and gals... and don't forget there's a snake in this movie!

Read excerpts from their awesome review below:

"Standing alone, this film is a whole lot of fun. There's alot more shinanigans, alot more splosions, alot more guns, and alot more jokes. In fact, director Andy Sidaris makes an extended cameo as a sports director (Sidaris was the director for Monday Night Football for many many years) and has two of the strongest jokes in the entire franchise here. Plenty of laughs in Hard Ticket."

"We really love that the two main roles in this film are, sure, shirtless women but they are by far more competent and professional than any of the men in the film. Yet they aren't just "tough men with boobs". They still keep their femininity, experience romance, scream at icky stuff, and are loyal to their friends and their job... This film sets up the women in the film as the most capable and neccessary characters in the story. Good work Andy and Arlene (Producer and wife of Andy Sidaris)."

"We love this film and highly recommend it. It's a must see. Make sure to listen to that and also be sure to visit and pick up a copy of the Girls, Guns and G-Strings collection (which includes Hard Ticket to Hawaii). Its one of the best DVD collections out there."

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